When Studio 1Thousand takes on a project, we shepherd the project from inception, through installation and testing. We work closely with each company that is involved with the light, ask questions, answer questions, and explain the work required.

After the initial meeting or design brief, we recommend that prototypes are made ASAP. There are currently no CAD programs which can adequately describe light quality from a fixture with the quantity of individual LEDs. It is critical to create protos which can answer questions about light behavior.

Once a basic prototype is created, It is much easier to discuss the nature of the work with the creative team, and if needed, the client. Generally when the proto is delivered, we’ve done enough work to start pricing on the final piece. This is important because the scaleable nature of our work means we can tailor the scope to the budget. Technical drawings will be sent to the electrical team.

To bring increasing focus to the project, this is the phase where we start discussing technical issues with installation, dimming, acoustic, electrical tie in, etc. Expect that a large project will need a custom dimming package. If UL is required, samples will be sent in for UL testing at this time

While fabrication is in full swing, Installation schedule will be negotiated with the GC and electrical team on site. Full descriptions of the work needed to be completed will be delivered to the GC to make sure our installation window can be fully realized.

As fabrication comes to a close, shipping details, warehousing, and final installation details will be completed. Once on site, we work closely with the installers to answer questions, and sooth any fears about installing such a non-standard unit. Generally, our goal is to create pieces which are installed with standard tools, making installation quick and easy. Dimming is hooked up, tested and trouble shooting occurs.

Once the install is finished, a wrap book is issued. This book contains basic repair instructions if needed or possible, data sheets, block diagrams, and any other information deemed necessary.